Special Event Services

Whether its 10 people or 10,000 people, hosting a Special Event can be a triumph. Cleaning & maintaining a facility on a daily basis is a feat, but add in a handful of schedule changes, accommodating new vendors and countless visitors, and the ability to respond quickly and knowledgeable to any number of last minute situations, and the realization of what a Special Event entails, may throw you for a loop.

Most facilities host a Special Event at one time or another, some on a regular basis, and understand what Buck knows: cleanliness and overall first impression have a direct connection with a guest’s willingness to frequent your facility. Creating a clean, comfortable, and inviting environment for both your staff and your patrons, all while maintaining your facility in an organized, hazard-free manner; Buck services can help your guests feel at home, no matter what the occasion.

Buck is the first call for many in the Chicago-land area when something needs to be done. No matter what, from floors to ceilings, dust bunnies to set-ups and breakdowns, Buck’s resources will be just what you need for your Special Event.


From moving tables, to setting up chairs, creating a whole new space with your facility manager and hosts, Buck Services can help you set-up just about any Special Event. With experienced, strong, dedicated staff members who are willing, ready and apt at taking direction, we can turn any room into what you’ve imagined. Supplying you with completely customizable options no matter what the event, Buck Services can set-up and breakdown your facility as if nothing had ever changed.


During events, things can easily become messy and unsanitary, something Buck Services is dedicated to never letting happen. No matter the number of attendees, it’s not what they leave behind that’s as important as the fact that they leave having had a good experience, feeling safe in a clean, healthy, and comfortable environment. Buck Services knows what it takes to create and sustain a relationship with your guests, and how crucial it is to keep them happy. From keeping the restrooms stocked and sanitary, to making sure there is never a piece of paper on the floor or a thing out of place, our trusted and expert staff will help you pull off your Special Event without a hitch.


Preparation can at times be the most daunting task of throwing a Special Event, and no one understands that better than Buck. With a complete Floor Works program to give off that perfect and lasting first impression before the event, and bring it back to its original glory after accommodating so many people, to detail cleanings, ridding yourself of nuisances from dust bunnies to the aftermath of your facility hosting an event. With completely customizable options, flexible schedules, and emergency hours, Buck will and can help you in your continued dedication to keeping your facility always giving off the impression you want it to.


With late night events, multiple events in one day, early morning set-ups, Buck Services knows and fully understand the value of your time. Scheduling things just so can be hard to do without a staff willing to work around your hours. Known for our customer care, Buck always offer 24/7 services with a detail orientated staff and full supervisory support team. No matter what time of day, Buck will help you to maximize efficiency at your facility.

When you partner with Buck, you can be guaranteed experienced staff members who are trained to practice cleaning and maintenance measures that maximize efficiency, 24/7 supervisory support ready to handle any cleaning challenge, and a devoted customer care team creating relationships which make lasting impressions.

With a full understanding of a multitude of situations, Buck will guarantee the time, effort, and energy already placed in maintaining your facility on a daily basis or preparing for a special event will be treated with respect. Supplying every client with cost-effective services, flexible schedules, and completely customizable options, Buck Services can and will be there every step of the way as we aid in your continued dedication to maintaining your facility to the best of its potential, exceeding the standards of even your toughest critic.

Utilizing your space, time and workforce to the highest potential, all while providing a clean, comfortable, cost-effective venue where both prospective and current patrons know you have their best interest at heart … that’s great party planning!