Meet the Team

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Meet the team

    Working with us since 1990

    Trusted with maintaining each and every facility to the best of its potential, Rob’s brothers handed over the reins of Operations to him just over 33 years ago. With a can-do attitude and a commitment to providing all clients with the best Buck Services has to offer, Rob is responsible for managing the heart of Buck Services – supplying you with cleaning and maintenance procedures that maximize efficiency and defy the expectations of even your harshest critic.

    Working with us since 2018

    Dominick is the son of owner and Vice President, Robert Buchholz. He started working with Buck Services in 2018 after graduating from Concordia University Wisconsin in 2015 and working with his degree in psychology and theology for three years. He has stepped into the role as Buck’s operations administrator who works closely between the operations department and the rest of our administration, creating open communication between all parties to build the feeling of teamwork that it takes to succeed throughout the department.

    Working with us since 2000

    Jessie became a member of the Buck family over 25 years ago. With a hands-on approach and a close relationship with his staff, Jessie continues to surprise us. Supporting several of our High Schools with personal, on-site supervisory service and not being afraid to work alongside when something needs to get done, Jessie has proved himself to be a force in the field.

    Working with us since 1992

    Truly knowledgeable with the concerns and challenges of facility management, Manny can handle just about any situation. With over 29 years of experience, Manny is a talented leader who has advanced rapidly within our company. Ready to respond with consistent and full-force efforts, Manny will have his crew leaving your facility looking like new.

    Working with us since 2001

    Servicing our clients since 2001, Luz has graced our team with her positive attitude and wonderful smile. Luz is not afraid to tackle difficult projects while making sure all is taken care of. She fully understands and appreciates our client’s expectations, and she never abandons a site without making sure it is 100% completed. If a question comes up that she is unable to answer, she makes sure to seek out the advice of others in order to provide the client with the correct information.

    Working with us since 1998

    Pedro has flourished alongside Buck Services for 23 years. He sets a clear example of how hard work, passion, and dedication truly pay off. Working himself up the ranks as a technician to a supervisory role to manager, he accurately encompasses Buck’s motto of loyalty, character, and dependability. Managing the Southwestern suburbs, Pedro ensures all clients are taken care of in an efficient manner.

  • Christina Hernandez OPERATIONS MANAGER
    Working with us since 2007

    With an eagerness to make a difference in the client’s facility, Christina brings her cheerful attitude and smile to each and every worksite. With over 15 years of service in floor works, detail cleaning, and project work, she will make sure to see your facility glowing from corner to corner with no detail being missed! She is a true gem to have on our team.

    Working with us since 1997

    Fernando has been part of the Buck Services family for over 24 years. He is an essential addition to our team with his extensive floor work knowledge. He has successfully improved client satisfaction and anticipated our clients’ needs. Currently managing the northwest region, Fernando maintains and ensures that Buck Services’ quality and cleaning standards are met.

  • Brian Wunshel Assistant Manager
    Working with us since 2020

    Brian has been working with Buck Services since 2019, and he joined our management team in 2020. Brian brings great people skills, a strong work ethic, and an infectious positive attitude to the job every day. He strives to ensure that every employee and client that he visits each day is left feeling that they were genuinely understood and cared for. Brian is a person who will do any and all things necessary to get a job done right.

  • Nayeli Orzuna Assistant Manager
    Working with us since 2019

    Nayeli’s over 5 years of experience brings highly refined attention to detail and cleanliness. Nayeli initially joined our family as a lead technician and has grown within the company into her assistant manager role. Interacting with clients, she understands their needs and gets a clear idea of the cleaning service they required.

  • Arturo Valdez Assistant Manager
    Working with us since 2018.

    Arturo certainly knows how to make our employees and customers feel #1. With his personality and positive attitude, he definitely can make an unpleasant situation positive. His tenacity to never give up on his goals at Buck Services makes Arturo a valuable asset to our team. He continues to strive and makes sure to never leave a stone unturned. He undoubtedly has a keen sense for detail.

  • Salvador Espinal Assistant Manager
    Working with us since 2018

    Sal has been with Buck for 3 years. Initially working as a lead technician, Salvador is a true representation of hard work and dedication. His new role of assistant manager allows him to interact with clients directly to understand their needs and get a clear idea of the cleaning services they require. Managing scheduling, staffing, or cleaning associates, Sal ensures that everyone has adequate support to bring out the best in everyone.