Contractual Services

Supplying premier janitorial and custodial services throughout the Chicago-land area since 1988, Buck Services understands and recognizes the concerns and challenges of what it takes to maintain your facility in the best possible way. With cost-effective programs, State certified Green Cleaning options, flexible schedules, full service floor works and completely customizable staffing options, Buck Services can and will be there every step of the way as we aid in your continued dedication to creating the best possible impression of you and your facility.

Known for our quick and knowledgeable responses and full understanding of a multitude of situations, Buck will guarantee the time, effort, and energy already placed in maintaining your facility will be treated with respect. Cleaning and maintaining a facility on a daily basis can sometimes be overwhelming, which is why proper cleaning and maintenance are critical to a facility’s safety and daily operation. When you partner with Buck, you can be guaranteed experienced staff members who are trained to practice cleaning and maintenance measures that maximize efficiency, 24/7 supervisory support ready to handle any cleaning challenge, and a devoted customer care team creating relationships which make lasting impressions.

Serving customers since 1988, Buck Services has been providing unrivaled Customer Care and commitment to each individual client, creating long-standing relationships with every one of our facilities. Each and every one of our contracts is tailored to fit the unique needs of an individual facility, generating programs that not only take into account the possibilities your facility has for the future, but also respecting your current parameters. We assure to provide you with impeccable services and work alongside you to guarantee a relationship with results.

"Just imagine no more micromanaging, no more hassles about schedule changes, unexpected circumstances, or any of the several un-avoidable situations prevalent in facility management. Imagine what lies in the possibility of creating pristine soundings, a place where both staff and patrons know you always defy their expectations of your institution."

With experienced and motivated employees, trained in the field, and certified through the proper channels, Buck can help you to create a clean, safe, healthy, and comfortable environment for both your staff and your patrons. Buck Services realizes our employees are our best asset; we believe that clients deserve consistent and reliable service from professional people who personally understand their needs. Our “A Proven Concept in Cleaning and Maintenance” supplies each client with the same person working at their facilities so that a solid working relationship can be developed, ensuring consistency and complete client satisfaction. This type of services is unique to the industry; however, we are confident it is what makes Buck Services who we are today.