Professional Cleaning Services

Serving customers since 1988, Buck Services has been providing unrivaled customer care, and a continued dedication to each individual client. Creating long-standing relationships with every one of our facilities

Buck Services continues to be a growing force in the field of cleaning and maintenance. Whether you are looking for a one-job or are ready to commit to a contractual program, Buck guarantees complete customization and satisfaction.

No, not all of Buck Services clients are under contract. We are happy to assist you with any of your facilities’ needs whether it be on a need-be basis or for contracted repetitive services.

Buck offers just about any type of facility maintenance service you could think of, and we guarantee that if we can’t do it for you, we’ll recommend someone we know and trust, who can complete the job.

Buck Services, Inc. takes great effort in screening their employees. We have each prospective employee fill out and sign the proper paperwork for criminal background checks. We conduct these screenings either through the local police department or with a private company called Avert. We then process these forms with the agencies. We also inquire with past employers.

Buck Services, Inc. is fully insured and will provide each client with a certificate of Insurance, upon approval of the proposal. This certificate will show the coverage for general liability, automobile liability, workers compensation, as well as additional coverage for excess liability.

Buck Services will provide all the cleaning supplies to complete the scheduled work, (i.e. glass cleaner, bowl cleaner, floor finishes, disinfectants, etc) all the necessary equipment, vacuums, scrubbers, carpet machines. Our clients provide all the consumable products such as paper and plastic products (toilet paper, liners), hand soap and deodorant mints.

Buck Services, Inc. employs a large number of individuals. 185 of these positions are on a full-time basis and 75 are on a part-time basis. For each and every full time position, paid vacation time is given plus holidays with our available health insurance plan. Each one of our employees is eligible for our No-Interest Loan Program as well as our tuition reimbursement plans along with many other perks.

Buck Services, Inc. prides itself on scheduling consistent staff for each and every position. We are also proud of our ability to create customized staffing options for each of our clients. We will always indicate on the individual specifications how we will staff your buildings.

Buck Services employs many different forms of communication between our team and the on-site staff such as: office phone, cell phones, 2-way radios, e-mail, and faxes. Our customer service team is always available to receive special requests or concerns and our processing time is quite minimal.

Buck Services has switched over ALL chemical use to comply with Illinois Green Clean standards. All of which are “green seal” approved by the state of Illinois legislation providing healthier and safer surroundings benefiting our employees, clients, and especially the environment we all share. You can find out more information by going to Issa.com or GreenCleanIllinois.org.

This is a course designed to bring to the attention of issues surrounding child abuse. This workshop brings awareness of this problem and what to look for in both children and adults to help deter and stop child abuse. Buck Services, mandates all employees to complete and receive certification. Additional certification classes are repeated for all newly hired personnel.

Here at Buck Services, we are fully committed to providing you with the best quality of service possible. If there is ever anything you need, Buck will be here to complete the task ourselves or to recommend one of our reputable and trustworthy partners, all of which provide services according to our standards. From pest control to landscaping, painting to window cleaning; Buck has you covered in all corners.