Floor Work Services

No matter what the material or how large the space, a clean floor can go a long way in presenting your patrons with the best possible impression of your facility. Buck can create a whole new appearance for your facility merely by scrubbing carpet or refinishing tile, proving to any one of your patrons that, yes, everything old is yet new again.


Buck Services will machine strip the open areas and hand strip corners, edges and cove base completely removing the existing finish. To ensure proper adhesion of finish, the exposed tile would be rinsed with a neutralizer to remove any and all residue, then be left to dry or be blow dried with a commercial blower. We will apply five coats of finish to all VCT tile. The surrounding cove base would be thoroughly wiped down to remove any excess finish. Our surface stripping and refinishing process is the same as the stripping process except we remove three layers of finish instead of all and we apply three coats of finish instead of five.


Buck Services can both machine and hand scrub using a disinfectant solution cleaner to insure the removal of grime and bacteria. The surrounding base would be thoroughly wiped down. The proper care for ceramic is to apply no finish there by eliminating the entrapment of residue.


Buck services will perform carpet cleaning using a self contained unit. This hot water extractor is designed for commercial use. Any or all carpeting can be put on a schedule if so desired. If it is determined that your facility would benefit more from a TRUCK MOUNTED carpet cleaning, Buck Services can perform the task with the help of one of our long-time, trusted and dedicated partners.

While each and every one of our services is customizable to your individual facility and can be completed on a one-time only basis when needed, Buck Services also supplies assistance with repetitive maintenance. Our professional facility management teams and experienced sales representatives are your best resource for setting up Monthly, Semi-annual, or Annual programs for you and your facility, without committing you to a full time service contract. With assistance in keeping your facility looking its best, you could rest assured with cost-effective services, flexible schedules, and completely customizable options, Buck Services can and will be there every step of the way as we aid in your continued dedication to exceeding the standards of even your toughest critics, all while insuring such tasks would be taken care of by a dedicated and personal staff you could develop a relationship with.