One Time Services

Cleaning and maintaining a facility on a daily basis can sometimes be overwhelming, and no one understands tough circumstances better than Buck Services. Known for our quick and knowledgeable responses to a number of situations, Buck is the first call for many in the Chicago-land area when something needs to be done. No matter what the issue, from floor to ceiling, dust bunnies to construction mishaps, Buck’s resources will be just what you need for that one-time only job.

When you partner with Buck, you can be guaranteed experienced staff members who are trained to practice cleaning and maintenance measures that maximize efficiency, 24/7 supervisory support ready to handle any cleaning challenge, and a devoted customer care team creating relationships which make lasting impressions.

With a full understanding of a multitude of situations, Buck will guarantee the time, effort, and energy already placed in maintaining your facility on a daily basis or preparing for a special event will be treated with respect. Supplying every client with cost-effective services, flexible schedules, and completely customizable options, Buck Services can and will be there every step of the way as we aid in your continued dedication to maintaining your facility to the best of its potential, exceeding the standards of even your toughest critic.

While each and every one of our services is customizable to your individual facility and can be completed on a one-time only basis when needed, Buck Services also supplies assistance with repetitive maintenance. Our professional facility management teams and experienced sales representatives are your best resource for setting up Monthly, Semi-annual, or Annual programs for you and your facility, without committing you to a full time service contract. With assistance in keeping your facility looking its best, you could rest assured with cost-effective services, flexible schedules, and completely customizable options, such tasks would be taken care of by a dedicated and personal staff you could develop a relationship with.